This Saturday: SMQG Working Bee in Sydney’s North Shore

Hey ladies,

Due to the entry date for the 2014 Sydney Quilt Show’s being rather sooner than expected, there’ll be a Working Bee at Jenn (Penny Poppleton)’s place up in Sydney’s North Shore THIS SATURDAY to power through enough blocks to give the NSW Guild an indication of what we’ll be entering for the 2014 Sydney Quilt Show.

If you can take a few hours out from your weekend activities, then please come along, bring your scraps and your low-volumes, and let’s get sewing those pickle dish blocks!

Here’s one Jenn made earlier!

Email Jenn if you’re interested and able to make it. The more the merrier!



Tutorial Part III

Hi everyone!

In need of pressing

Please head over to my personal blog to view the final tutorial for the rainbow fin block!

Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!


Jenn x

Tutorial Part II is up!

Hi folks!

Pin like crazy

Jenn here, just popping by to let you all know that the second part of the rainbow fin tutorial is up on my personal blog. Feel free to head on over there and check it out. Hopefully Part III will be up tomorrow afternoon!


Jenn x

Sew-In for February – one down, one to go!

Our first Super Sew-In took place on the 2nd February, at Kim Bradley Creations out at Castle Hill. We had six members attending with five sewing machines and great fun was had by all!

Jenn (Penny Poppleton), Claire (Pinky-ing), Kirsty, Natasha, Jessica (Pesca Presents), and Sel (Mad Quilter’s Disease) all turned up to sew, and Fia poked her head in to say hi and pick up some fabric, but went home almost immediately since she was down with a nasty bug.

There was sewing, and more sewing, and more sewing, chatting, show-and-tell, and plenty of lovely projects to admire and inspire!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get pics of everything.

Claire was quilting a baby quilt – some lovely ‘floral patterns in the whitespace! Claire's work

She also had this gorgeous ’60-degree crazy triangle’ quilt that was for a former housemate and friend: Claire's quilt for her old flatmate

Natasha was working on a double wedding ring: Tash making some progress on a friend's quilt

And Sel was sewing and trimming what she referred to as the ‘half-square triangles of doom’: Sel and the triangles of doom

She also had a quilt top to show: Sel

Er, two, actually! Sel

You can see the edge of the quilt Claire was quilting on the floor – the baby quilt with the chrysanthemum patterns – another quilt for which we don’t have a good photo!

Kirsty was making this utterly gorgeous twisting log cabin quilt…for which, again, we don’t have a good photo.

Jenn was working on some high-contrast stars: Jenn's messy workstation

(Yes, that is an IKEA ginger biscuit in there!) Jenn working on some contrasting value stars

The Sew-In happened to take place on the same day as a sale at Kim’s, so all day there were periodic visits downstairs to check out all the merchandise! And possibly a few purchases took place… Just a few.

Our next Saturday Sit-and-Sew (small, at Greta’s Handicrafts, Lindfield) is this Saturday 15th February – if you have time, consider dropping in and sending us an email to reserve a place!

Our next Sunday Super Sew-In will be on the 6th April – same location! More details closer to the date!


Hi All!

It’s time for our FIRST Sunday Super Sew-In. It will be held at Kim Bradley Creations (7/9 Packard Ave, Castle Hill, NSW). The cost will be $10 per person. Booking is ESSENTIAL – first come best dressed! You can email to reserve a place.

We have invited people from the other two Modern Quilt Guilds in our area for extra quilty goodness too.

Kim’s is quite easy to get to if you take the M2 north. Just get off at the Windsor Rd exit, go right, and about four kms later you turn right again onto Victoria Ave and then immediately right again onto Packard Ave.

Oh look, here’s a map!

This should be lots of fun, a very relaxed sewing day, plus Kim has a sale going too! (A good one, 30% off!) If you can make it, we’d love to see you – send us an email & let us know if you can come along!


SydMQG gals xx

A Tutorial for 2014 Block!

Hi everyone!

Playing with color today.

I wrote up a quick tutorial for the pickle dish paper piecing and it’s over on my blog! Please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions – we’ll get to how to cut out & piece those corner curves and eyes soon. For now we’re just focusing on fins (the stripes themselves) and fans (the paper pieced sections)!

See you Saturday!


Jenn xx

New Year, A Few Changes!!

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone has had a fabulous holiday season & enjoyed the new year too. It has been very busy at SydMQG HQ the past few weeks. We renewed our Quilters’ Guild of NSW membership, finalized the first lot of meeting dates, and have been hard at work with a few surprises for new members!

Before we say goodbye to 2013, though, let’s say a huge congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Laura!!

We raised over $1100 to donate to the YWCA Australia. Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket and thank you to our members who sold so many tickets!! 
On to 2014 business!

Firstly, our monthly meetings! The venue has moved. We will still be at Greta’s but Greta’s has moved – not far, just a couple shops down from last year! Greta’s is now at 309A Pacific Highway Lindfield.

The new location is a bit smaller so we are limiting our Saturday meetings to hand-sewing only. (We will bring a folding table for cutting, too, but it will be a tight squeeze.) There is simply no room for sewing machines, sorry!

We will kick off this Saturday 18 January, at our usual time of 10am to 2pm.

As a result of the smaller space, the Saturday visits at Greta’s will be FREE for paid members of the guild. We will talk about payment this Saturday and official membership begins in February – this month is on the house.

You will need to RSVP by email to reserve a spot to the monthly meetings, as usual!

We are still in the process of procuring a space for the guild to meet for the BIG meetings of the year – the SUPER SEW-IN days!. These will take place on a different weekend to our normal meetings and there will be SIX per year! We will be able to bring our sewing machines, set up a couple of design walls, and we are hoping to organize swaps, destash sales, and skill-builders for these days! (Super Sew-Ins will be a little bit extra to cover room costs, we will keep you posted!)

Also new to the guild this year is a Block of the Month (BOM) free your membership!

More information can be found on the Membership Info page and all our dates will be on the Dates 2014 page. We will also keep you posted via email if anything changes!

Let us know if we’ll see you this weekend – we know we can’t wait to see you!


Kim Bradley Creations – Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening of Kim Bradley Creations in Castle Hill went beautifully last Saturday!

Hundreds of people came through the store in the course of the day, much fabric was bought, and the SMQG raffled off The Rainbow Connection. It went to a work colleague of the Guild Treasurer, who’s promised us pictures of the winner with her prize!

Thanks so much to all of you who bought tickets! Thanks to you, we raised over $1000 for the YWCA NSW to go towards women in need.

Much fun was had, much fabric was purchased, and those who attended got to meet a couple of our newest members!

Meet Owen…

…and Ava!

Owen and Ava meet each other!
Ava and Owen meet

Unfortunately, I don’t believe any of the Guild officials got a photo of the shop itself, which is a pity, because it’s beautifully set up with plenty of modern fabrics and designers. If you happen to be in the area, definitely check out the shop – or possibly make a day trip!

Our next Sydney MQG will be in February – we’ll let you know the dates, times, and places when they’re confirmed.

In the meantime, please have a wonderful Christmastime and a happy and safe summer holidays!

The Rainbow Connection

Our group quilt, The Rainbow Connection, was created over six months by members of our guild. The pattern came from the excellent book Hexa-Go-Go by Tacha Bruecher and was used with permission. The materials for the quilt were donated by Leutenegger,, and Aurifil Thread. Our guild secretary Selina quilted it for us. It was displayed at the 2013 Sydney Quilt & Craft Fair held at Darling Harbour. It is a king-size plus quilt finishing at 112″ square and was made with a combination of hand- and machine-piecing.

This quilt is being raffled in November 2013 – if you are interested in purchasing tickets, please email the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild and let us know how many tickets you would like to purchase. They are $3 ea or 2/$5 and we are happy to use PayPal.

The quilt is currently on display at Kim Bradley Creations in Castle Hill, NSW. Please go have a look at it!

Photo by Selina Cheng

Our next meeting will be 16 November at Greta’s Handcraft in Lindfield!

Polaroid Swap!

Hello beautiful quilters!

Spring has SPRUNG, and among the blossoms and pollen and fresh green leaves there is a sweet little reminder that love is all around us! Congratulations (early) to our lovely founder Claire and her soon-to-be husband Marcus. They are all set to get married this month and we wish them the best. 🙂

I will post our last meeting up in a few days but I wanted to get a head start on the SWAP for this month! For our 21 September meeting we will be swapping Polaroid Quilt Blocks! They are fun, cute, easy to make and make great mini quilts!!

The rules of the swap are:

  • Please make 10 blocks to bring to the September meeting
  • Don’t trim them up – there will be templates for trimming at the meeting
  • Please put your initials on one of the seams on the backside of each block so we know where they came from
  • Fussy-cut or use interesting fabric for the middle 🙂

Polaroid Tutorial
Each block requires:

  • 1 x 2.5″ square “picture” of fabric
  • 2 x 1″ x 4″ white strips
  • 1 x 1.5″ x 2.5″ white strip
  • 1 x 1″ x 2.5″ white strip

First I choose my fabric. I like to pick something with a feature smaller than 2″ so it can clearly be seen once the block is made. I think this cute little constellation cat will do.

1. Choose your fabric 

Fussy cut your fabric. The square should be 2.5″ square. This is where a tiny squaring up ruler comes in handy!

2. Fussy cut your centre square.

Yep, the cat looks good! Next, take the white fabric and cut it into two widths: 1″ and 1.5″. If you are chain-piecing (excellent tutorial by Elizabeth here) then you can cut these 1″ x WOF, 1.5″ x WOF and save yourself some time.

3. Check your fussy-cut fabric.

Here we are with the three 1″ strips and the one 1.5″ strip.

4. Cut your white strips (1

Sew the “top” of the polaroid “frame” onto the picture. (Notice where the cat is in the picture!)
5. Sew the top on.

Trim the excess, fingerpress with seams inward.
6. Snip the excess.

Sew the “bottom” of the Polaroid “frame” on. It will cover the whole “picture” up.
7. Sew the bottom on.

Snip the excess and fingerpress the bottom seam inward.
8. Snip the excess. Fingerpress seams inward.

Sew the right side on.

9. Sew the right side on.

Snip the excess.

10. Snip the excess.

Sew the left side on. I like to turn this one upside down so I can make sure the seams are going the correct way.

11. Sew the left side on (upside down).

You have a finished Polaroid! Well, almost finished.

12. Snip the excess.

Fingerpress the side seams outward. You can also give it a quick press with an iron if you choose.

13. Fingerpress the seams outward.

It will be a bit “big” – that is FINE! Do not trim it. When we get to the meeting and swap them around, we can use my fabulous Polaroid trimming rulers to center the fussy cut “picture” and trim it up!

14. Use template for trimming

Viola! You have a Polaroid block!

See you all on the 21st, and look out this week for the round-up of our last meeting, including our fabulous winner of the name tag challenge!

xx Jenn

PS ALL this month Greta’s is having a fabric sale! Viv would like to let us know fabric from the bolt is 25% off! I’ll be stocking up on Kona, how about you guys?? 🙂