About SYDModSQuad

Previously known as the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild/Group, we recently changed our name as we are not (at this time) an international affiliate of The Modern Quilt Guild.

We have developed a series of aims to help direct and shape the Sydney Modern Sewists and Quilters. Our primary focus is community, but there are many smaller goals that flow naturally from that. Here’s what we’re all about.

  • To create a group that positively responds to innovation and design in quilting and can provide creative support and encouragement for like-minded quilters
  • To share enthusiasm for new designer textiles, the inclusion of solid fabrics and negative space as design elements, the use of asymmetry, and the evolution of traditional techniques and blocks
  • The incorporation of new technology in building a quilting community through the use of social media and online education where possible
  • Education of new techniques and designs by bringing in lecturers, holding classes, developing a book and pattern library, and sharing skills with one another
  • To support local patchwork shops and fabric designers through custom and exposure
  • To engage with the wider Sydney community by contributing charity quilts and acts of service
  • To liaise with the NSW Quilters’ Guild and local branches of the Modern Quilt Guild to create a genuine, artist-driven place for modern quilting in Australia

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