Last meeting for 2014 roundup

Oh I didn’t mean to be so late in posting this update from our last meeting for the year. The week has just gone by so fast!

What a great day we had last Sunday to finish off the year for SYDMQG. Our Sunday Sew In was held as usual at Kim Bradley Creations…we love this place so much, and are so happy we can continue on here next year as well. It was also nice to be in air conditioning after the run of hot, humid weather we have been experiencing in Sydney. As usual the day ended in a massive storm….oh I didn’t enjoy that drive home!

But I digress… in between all of our chatting and eating all the yummy food, we all did some sewing and a bit of show and tell. So here’s what some of us were working on…

Firstly, the SYDMQG group quilt for next year (yes that’s right, we are actually making good progress!)…just missing 1 violet column and 1/2 a pink column.

Rainbow Skyline progress
“Rainbow Skyline” (not the official name) progress

The pink blocks were what Sel was working on while she was here. we are so lucky to have some Mendocino mermaids in this quilt (can you spy the two blocks that have them in??)!!

Next up is Jenn’s amazing Aviatrix Medallion …. you can read more about this quilt here and here.

Just so lovely!!
Just so lovely!!

I was working on finishing up some Christmas presents…so not really quilty but still sewing!


Jill picked up a WIP she has had ‘lying around for a while’…

Jill's hexagon blocks
Jill’s hexagon blocks

Lois was working on a baby quilt. I love the colours used here.

Baby quilt by Lois
Baby quilt by Lois

Monique is powering on with her Aviatrix Medallion as well…

Progress on Monique's Aviatrix Medallion
Progress on Monique’s Aviatrix Medallion

Leigh was using the huge design wall at Kim’s to plan her layout on this project

Leigh's Layout
Leigh’s Layout

Finally, to finish off the day we drew the winning tickets for our annual raffle. The first prize for the raffle was the SYDMQG group quilt for 2014…

Rainbow Rays
Rainbow Rays
All the lucky tickets
All the lucky tickets

And the winners were…

1st Prize (that lovely quilt) Cindy Kay Johnson

2nd prize ($75 T2 gift voucher) Sukhvinder

3rd Prize ($50 Kikki-K gift voucher) Jacq Cawthorne

All the winners have been contacted. Congratulations to you all. Thanks to everyone who supported us by purchasing tickets. The final count is still to be confirmed but rough estimates show we raised around $500 from the raffle which will go to our chosen charity, the YWCA NSW.

It’s been a big year with a few changes for the SYDMQG. We would like to wish you all a safe and happy festive season. We look forward to sewing with you all in 2015!!


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