New look blog and name change

The Sydney Modern Quilt Guild has been renamed and revamped! Welcome to our new look site and name.

The name change is due to trademark on the “Modern Quilt Guild” part of our old name. As we are currently not an international affiliate member of The Modern Quilt Guild we needed to change our name and site accordingly.

The Sydney Modern Quilt Group will continue to function as we always have, meeting regularly and working on group projects and challenges via face-to-face and online activities.

We look forward to continuing to share our work with you all.


2 thoughts on “New look blog and name change

  1. Interesting politics. I’ve always thought the ‘guild’ part of the Modern Quilt Guild a tad oxymoronic since ‘guild’ is a very old fashioned word for a club. But on second thought the original craftsmen guilds were all about keeping the skills to themselves and not sharing them about in case they lost their source of income. So, there it is, trademarking ‘Modern Quilt Guild’ is all about protecting income. No surprises there, then. At least by using the word ‘group’ you get to use the same initials SMQG. I am looking forward to seeing more posts on this new blog.


    1. It’s not a big deal really.We will continue to work as we have, and if things change and members want to consider the group becoming affiliated with the MQG then it will all be relooked at again 🙂 Thanks for maintaining an interest in what we do…hope to post more soon 🙂


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