Sew-In for February – one down, one to go!

Our first Super Sew-In took place on the 2nd February, at Kim Bradley Creations out at Castle Hill. We had six members attending with five sewing machines and great fun was had by all!

Jenn (Penny Poppleton), Claire (Pinky-ing), Kirsty, Natasha, Jessica (Pesca Presents), and Sel (Mad Quilter’s Disease) all turned up to sew, and Fia poked her head in to say hi and pick up some fabric, but went home almost immediately since she was down with a nasty bug.

There was sewing, and more sewing, and more sewing, chatting, show-and-tell, and plenty of lovely projects to admire and inspire!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get pics of everything.

Claire was quilting a baby quilt – some lovely ‘floral patterns in the whitespace! Claire's work

She also had this gorgeous ’60-degree crazy triangle’ quilt that was for a former housemate and friend: Claire's quilt for her old flatmate

Natasha was working on a double wedding ring: Tash making some progress on a friend's quilt

And Sel was sewing and trimming what she referred to as the ‘half-square triangles of doom’: Sel and the triangles of doom

She also had a quilt top to show: Sel

Er, two, actually! Sel

You can see the edge of the quilt Claire was quilting on the floor – the baby quilt with the chrysanthemum patterns – another quilt for which we don’t have a good photo!

Kirsty was making this utterly gorgeous twisting log cabin quilt…for which, again, we don’t have a good photo.

Jenn was working on some high-contrast stars: Jenn's messy workstation

(Yes, that is an IKEA ginger biscuit in there!) Jenn working on some contrasting value stars

The Sew-In happened to take place on the same day as a sale at Kim’s, so all day there were periodic visits downstairs to check out all the merchandise! And possibly a few purchases took place… Just a few.

Our next Saturday Sit-and-Sew (small, at Greta’s Handicrafts, Lindfield) is this Saturday 15th February – if you have time, consider dropping in and sending us an email to reserve a place!

Our next Sunday Super Sew-In will be on the 6th April – same location! More details closer to the date!


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