Polaroid Swap!

Hello beautiful quilters!

Spring has SPRUNG, and among the blossoms and pollen and fresh green leaves there is a sweet little reminder that love is all around us! Congratulations (early) to our lovely founder Claire and her soon-to-be husband Marcus. They are all set to get married this month and we wish them the best. 🙂

I will post our last meeting up in a few days but I wanted to get a head start on the SWAP for this month! For our 21 September meeting we will be swapping Polaroid Quilt Blocks! They are fun, cute, easy to make and make great mini quilts!!

The rules of the swap are:

  • Please make 10 blocks to bring to the September meeting
  • Don’t trim them up – there will be templates for trimming at the meeting
  • Please put your initials on one of the seams on the backside of each block so we know where they came from
  • Fussy-cut or use interesting fabric for the middle 🙂

Polaroid Tutorial
Each block requires:

  • 1 x 2.5″ square “picture” of fabric
  • 2 x 1″ x 4″ white strips
  • 1 x 1.5″ x 2.5″ white strip
  • 1 x 1″ x 2.5″ white strip

First I choose my fabric. I like to pick something with a feature smaller than 2″ so it can clearly be seen once the block is made. I think this cute little constellation cat will do.

1. Choose your fabric 

Fussy cut your fabric. The square should be 2.5″ square. This is where a tiny squaring up ruler comes in handy!

2. Fussy cut your centre square.

Yep, the cat looks good! Next, take the white fabric and cut it into two widths: 1″ and 1.5″. If you are chain-piecing (excellent tutorial by Elizabeth here) then you can cut these 1″ x WOF, 1.5″ x WOF and save yourself some time.

3. Check your fussy-cut fabric.

Here we are with the three 1″ strips and the one 1.5″ strip.

4. Cut your white strips (1

Sew the “top” of the polaroid “frame” onto the picture. (Notice where the cat is in the picture!)
5. Sew the top on.

Trim the excess, fingerpress with seams inward.
6. Snip the excess.

Sew the “bottom” of the Polaroid “frame” on. It will cover the whole “picture” up.
7. Sew the bottom on.

Snip the excess and fingerpress the bottom seam inward.
8. Snip the excess. Fingerpress seams inward.

Sew the right side on.

9. Sew the right side on.

Snip the excess.

10. Snip the excess.

Sew the left side on. I like to turn this one upside down so I can make sure the seams are going the correct way.

11. Sew the left side on (upside down).

You have a finished Polaroid! Well, almost finished.

12. Snip the excess.

Fingerpress the side seams outward. You can also give it a quick press with an iron if you choose.

13. Fingerpress the seams outward.

It will be a bit “big” – that is FINE! Do not trim it. When we get to the meeting and swap them around, we can use my fabulous Polaroid trimming rulers to center the fussy cut “picture” and trim it up!

14. Use template for trimming

Viola! You have a Polaroid block!

See you all on the 21st, and look out this week for the round-up of our last meeting, including our fabulous winner of the name tag challenge!

xx Jenn

PS ALL this month Greta’s is having a fabric sale! Viv would like to let us know fabric from the bolt is 25% off! I’ll be stocking up on Kona, how about you guys?? 🙂


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