The wonderful quilt show!

Hi everyone! I’m taking a quick break from my leave to put up a quick post about the show…and a few other bits and bobs. Sorry it has been so long – we will be back to our regularly scheduled (admittedly erratic) posts soon. 🙂 
First of all, congratulations to our member Natasha who gave birth (during show week) to a beautiful baby girl – Ava Grace! Both baby and mama are recovering well and anyone who follows Tash’s instagram feed (permission to link, Tash?) has seen what a gorgeous and sweet girl Ava is. We love all our guild members, especially the brand-new itty-bitty ones! 
Now, down to the quilty business.
On Wednesday, me and the family hit the show bright and early. Note to self for next time: don’t forget to get cash. The line for the ATM was about fifty times longer than the actual ticket queue! As a result we missed part of the awards ceremony, but since we didn’t get that all important call on the day prior, it was mostly just to offer applause. One of the women who contributed a block to the group quilt, Gillian Hamilton, won an award! Well done Gillian. (And if I missed anyone in our group who won, please email me and I’ll add you in!) 
There were a LOT of beautiful quilts this year. You can climb up on the mezzanine and get a good look. The quilts are all so amazing. People really put their heart and souls into them, and the techniques are so wildly different. There is so much inspiration everywhere! Especially, what’s that we see on the back wall, third from the right…?
But my favorite part of the show was to be found on the far back wall. THERE IS IT, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! Doesn’t it look great? I admit, I hung around just to swoon and eavesdrop. There was a lot of buzz – people were talking about it, and so many quilters were shuddering over cutting into those hexagons! Everyone was impressed. And it is so bright.
(Apologies to the quilts on either side of ours – we aren’t supposed to take photos of other people’s quilts without express permission but I couldn’t get a good one of just our quilt.)

So, aside from hanging out and listening to people gasp and praise our amazing show quilt, there is the whole other side – market! There were a lot of great stalls this year.
It was really diverse. The old stand-bys were there, and crowded as ever. It was nice to say hi to some old friends – the Material Obsession and Reece Scannell booths, Kelani was as always packed (modern fabric is apparently popular!), Punch with Judy and their billions of gadgets were a fun browse, and there was also not a small amount of gawping at the Papercraft Hub booth – all that washi! It was great also to visit Craft Schmaft and of course local fabric designer Saffron Craig, whose organic half yard bundles were very tempting!
I managed to go to the show twice, and the second time Selina and I caught up with and met a whole slew of quilters from other guilds – Canberra Modern Quilt Guild and the Greater Western Sydney Modern Quilt Guild – as well as other quilty ladies from even further away! How wonderful to sit and chat with other like-minded quilters, and get to talk about what makes US tick. It was wonderful, and exhausting, and we are so glad and grateful to be part of the Quilters’ Guild of NSW as well as being proud to call ourselves modern quilters. 
Now that show is done and dusted, the only question is…what’s our group quilt for NEXT year??
Our next meeting is Saturday 20 July, at Greta’s as usual, so stay tuned for the email and we hope to see you there! Cheers! 
Jenn xx

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