20 April 2013 Sit & Sew

It was a very wet and wuthering day today…to the five brave souls who ventured out to the Sit & Sew, well done! I know I got drenched getting my coffee on the way to Greta’s, and the little shop was buffeted by winds and rain all morning. Phew!

But we gals were hard at work. Due to the adverse weather, we all brought hand sewing, and had a lovely relaxing morning finishing up projects or beginning anew.

Lois brought in her gorgeous broken dishes block- aren’t those colours brilliant?
Robyn was putting the finishing touches on a quilt for her daughter’s 21st, and then she moved on to crafts for the Eastwood Patchwork Quilters exhibition
Louise was also working hard on crafts for the Eastwood Patchwork Quilters.
Jill had brought her Scquilters challenge quilt – love those colours!!
And here is the start of a star quilt. Louise won these blocks and added the sashing. They really pop!
Lois was searching for the perfect pinks today too!
FINALLY – the group quilt is QUILTED!!! HOORAY! Sel spent six hours on her feet doing a fantastic FMQ pattern for our massive quilt – 112″ square – and doesn’t it look DIVINE?
Bit of a close up of the quilting (I promise the quilt is square, that funny “dent” is because it is hanging on two separate design walls on wheels!)
And the pieced backing. Our white/cream fabric was donated but the rainbow squares and hexes are all from our contributors’ stash. The purple hexie block was a spare of Claire’s and there is just enough room either side to write all our names and date the quilt!
Marilyn has generously offered to bind it for us and I will be making the hanging sleeve tomorrow afternoon during naptime. It’s all happening!
All in all it was a very productive rainy Saturday!
Our next meeting is 18 May 2013 at Greta’s in Lindfield. I will be a week out from my due date so hopefully I will be there, otherwise I am sure I will be doing something else that requires my full attention! At any rate we look forward to seeing the group quilt all finished and gorgeous and ready to send in to the show!
Cheers 🙂
Jenn xx

5 thoughts on “20 April 2013 Sit & Sew

  1. The quilt's looking absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see it hanging at Darling Harbour.It was a privilege to have a small part in its making, but the biggest thanks go to those (like Sel and Jen) who put the rainbow hexy blocks together and quilted them, as well as our lovely Marilyn who's always so generous with her time. You're all a class act! xx


  2. Oh wow – it looks absolutely AMAZING!!! Congratulations to you all for all your hard work. Can't wait to see photos of it hanging at Darling Harbour.


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