Sit & Sew Day!

Long time no blogging! We can confidently say we have been way too busy sewing to get behind our keyboards. So much has happened!

First order of business: we have a Sit & Sew on Saturday 20th April – please send us an email if you’d like to be added to our list. Places are limited so email quick! 🙂 You can find info about our Sit & Sews here.

Last month we had a great turnout and lots of new faces – welcome Robyn, Louise, and Bronny! We love seeing new sewists and it was great to have some of the girls from the Eastwood Patchwork Quilters there too. They are putting on a beautiful exhibition from 3rd-5th May this year, well worth stopping in. The raffle quilts are gorgeous. You can read more about it here. 🙂

We had a conversation about the Modern Quilt Guild’s change to their definition of modern quilting. The consensus is that it is quite a personal thing. (If you think you’re a modern quilter, you are!) The new definition is quite inclusive and simply gives a bit of framework for explaining the evolving aesthetic. It was interesting to see what we defined as modern and what we thought of as “traditional” quilting, too.

We did have some show and tell from last month!

Claire’s gorgeous colour wheel. It’s exactly the same on the back, except the background is cream. AMAZING!

Look at this BEAUTY by Robyn. Don’t you love the string corners to tie it all together??

Bronny made Avalon from Material Obsession book 1 out of some beloved prints and was just finishing up the binding. STUNNING!
Finally – we laid out all our group quilt blocks and rearranged until they were perfect. We had some extra special help from Ruby, who climbed all over our blocks and stuck the labels back on in the right places! She also made sure no one walked on it as we took up the whole floor at Greta’s. Thank you Ruby!!
The group quilt top is FINISHED — rows joined, sashed, borders on, and the backing is done! It is being quilted by Selina this weekend (thank you Selina)! Soon we will have a picture of our gorgeous quilt to show you. We are all so proud of it!

4 thoughts on “Sit & Sew Day!

  1. It's wonderful to see what you're doing over there! Such nice quilts, particularly the last one. It's simply lovely. When you post about the finish, please recap how it came together, and what you're doing with it. It's definitely award-winning in appearance!


  2. We have updated the blog with a picture of the quilted top now, and are starting the binding this week! It is destined to hang in the big show in Sydney in June, and afterward we hope to sell it so it we can donate the proceeds to charity. A recap post is a great idea!! 🙂


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