Swap Day 2012!

Swap Day, hosted every year by Material Obsession, was a lot of fun! Thanks so much to Kathy & Co who set us up with a little shady spot down the corner of the garden and helped us to feel right at home.  It was an amazing experience and we got to connect with lots of other quilters, modern, traditional, young, not-so-young, experienced, emerging…it was absolutely lovely!

There are no pictures of Jenn, but there is a gorgeous one of Claire with our pretty little table…
Claire at Swap Day

and one of Selina and her extraordinary Eternity quilt!
Sel at Swap Day

Our work was all over the shop. Sel had another top just “hanging out”:
Sel's Swap Day Quilt

Jenn’s Honeycomb quilt made an appearance on the balcony:
Jenn's Swap Day Quilt

And Claire’s lovely Sunset Plus shaded us all afternoon – what a treat for those upstairs!!
Claire's Swap Day Quilt

Again, thank you so much to Kathy for having us – it was wonderful and exciting and very fun! We look forward to working with Material Obsession in 2013!



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