Guild Quilts!

Business first: we have a Thursday evening Sit & Sew this week at City Extra, Circular Quay. We generally filter in from about 5:30pm and wander out around 7:30pm. Please join us – we love the company and the milkshakes are second to none. 🙂

All right, now we can get on to the fun part. We’ve decided on the patterns for our Guild quilts. I am very pleased to announce that we have secured permission from C&T Publishing (and the block authors) to make a guild sampler quilt of blocks from the book Modern Blocks. (If your LQS doesn’t have a copy, request it! Otherwise C&T Publishing will sell it to you here.) Modern Blocks was compiled by Susanne Woods and features blocks from many of the modern quilters who have made a name for themselves redefining quilting! The blocks are all 12″ finished so based on interest we will calculate how large our quilt will be.

Here is a picture of the cover of the book, for reference!

Modern Blocks

Our second quilt (and the one we are super excited about) is from the excellent book Hexa-Go-Go by Tacha Bruecher. Tacha is one of the founding members of the e-zine Fat Quarterly and she has really championed the English Paper Piecing resurgence in recent times! The entire book is well worth picking up, and again, if your local quilt shop doesn’t have it, C&T Publishing does and it can be bought here. The way we will do this quilt is if you are interested, please send us an email (sydneymodernquiltguild at gmail dot com) and we will send you a kit. From your stash, you will paper-piece a block to a color map and you will send along a certain amount of color-mapped scrap squares too. Here is a picture of the book…

Hexa Go-Go

….and a sneak peek of the quilt we are making!

Over the Rainbow

This picture is shamelessly stolen from the book! I don’t want to give the whole game away so please come to the meeting or get your hands on a copy ASAP. 🙂 The quilt we’re making is on page 107. JUST A NOTE – we will NOT be sending out whole copies of the pattern, just a color map for YOUR block. All major assembly will be done as a GROUP so unless you buy the book you won’t get a whole copy of the pattern.

Now, the best part is that Tacha Bruecher herself has offered to contribute a block! WOW! There was a lot of squealing and jumping up and down at SydMQG Headquarters when that email came through. It is a great reminder not only of how warm and wonderful the modern quilting community is, but how giving and generous they are as well! Thank you Tacha!

Now, onto how we are passing on the generosity: our beautiful quilts, once completed and exhibited, will be raffled or auctioned off at the end of 2013. We are planning on donating the proceeds to a charity that supports displaced women: women who are victims of domestic violence or who need shelter. It’s hard to haul a quilt around if you’re trying to cobble together a life, so we’ve decided to support that aspect of the community through monetary means, which is why we have elected to sell our quilts. We have still not chosen a shelter or program yet – we are well open to suggestions! Please send us an email or even leave a comment here and we will investigate. Lots of quilters do fantastic charity work and we really believe in community building – it’s a core tenet of our Guild Principles – so this is how we can give back, while still expanding our skills and growing together as a guild!

Anyway it goes without saying – we’re excited to be getting started on our first guild quilts! Hooray! We hope to see you all soon down at City Extra and STAY TUNED – there will be a list of the 2013 dates up very soon!



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