Sit & Sew

It’s that time again! Thursday night Sit & Sew time! 🙂

Just a reminder: we meet at City Extra Circular Quay from around 5:30pm. Bring hand sewing, cutting, anything you’d like to show and tell, and a new feature too: we’re here to solve your problems! If you have anything you’re stuck on or just want to talk it through, we’re your gals, and Thursdays are your nights!

We have also received our membership packet from the NSW Quilters’ Guild so we will talk about what it means to be a group within the NSWQG, and begin planning our show quilt! Exciting!

We can’t wait to see you there! 🙂


One thought on “Sit & Sew

  1. I wish I could be ther but alas it's just not possible. Could we please have follow up blog posts, pleeeeeeeeeeeeez? Like what happened at the Saturday meeting ten days ago?


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