Saturday Meeting

We had a great meeting at City Extra Circular Quay on Saturday, with a few dedicated ladies crossing the bridge!

 It was lovely to quilt with Lois, Marilyn, Claire, Selina, and Jenn!

Everyone talked about what Modern Quilting means to them. Colour, pattern, design, textiles, and freedom were big topics. We also discussed what it means to be part of a guild – about how it is more than just creating a sewing community for like-minded modern quilters, but giving back to the wider community as much as possible.

But on to the pictures!!

  Sydney Modern Quilt Guild
Marilyn, Claire, Lois, Selina (Jenn was taking the pictures!)

Marilyn's Chevron Quilt
Marilyn’s bright & beautiful chevron quilt. All half-square triangles!

Claire's Nicey Jane Quilt
Claire’s Nicey Challenge quilt. Don’t those colours just pop?

Lois' Phone Quilt
Lois hadn’t brought the quilts to show and tell – they were gifts! – but she had photos on her phone! Doesn’t get more modern than THAT! 🙂 It’s a little picture but what a great quilt!

Selina's Impstar Quilt
Sel brought her Impstar quilt. It is for her mother and is a true labour of love. Many hours went into perfecting the fabric choices and she is now finishing the binding!

We had a great meeting and look forward to our next one – Friday 31 August, at City Extra, 5pm onward! Stay tuned as we’ll post about parking deals nearby!


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