Meeting Dates 2012

Hi everyone! It has been a very busy year with lots happening, and of course, we all have hectic lives…so I have persuaded Claire and Suzanne to let me help out with Sydney Modern Quilt Guild!

My name is Jenn. I blog over at Penny Poppleton. Aside from our MQG meetings, you may have seen me at Sydney Southern Cross Quilters, a number of local quilt shops, or having coffee at Pablo & Rusty’s! I am a stay at home mother, an avid quilter, and very Type-A. Since I love organizing things, here I am!

Since the tentative start of MQG, Sydney has seen two new modern guilds start up: Wollongong, and Greater Western Sydney. And this is great, because Sydney is massive, and while we wanted to accommodate everyone, it was quite difficult to find a venue and time that suited! As a result, this group, Sydney Modern Quilt Guild, will be focused toward central & northern Sydney. Please don’t feel like you have to go to the one closest to you; we welcome anyone who turns up and can heartily recommend all the groups! Sydney MQG have worked to find a venue that is centrally located and free (so we can make a group decision about dues, not for profit status, charitable affiliations, etc, once we’re established), and we have organized dates as best we can so we don’t overlap.

The dates for the rest of 2012 are set, and we’ll explain the structure before we start throwing information around willy-nilly: on the third Saturday of every month we will have the official meeting. It will start at 10am and run for probably about three hours, maybe more, maybe less. (We’re flexible!) This is where we’ll talk over admin, minutes from the last meeting, upcoming bees/charity quilts/events we’re doing as a group. Once we get in the groove of things, it should take about fifteen minutes to cover everything and then we’ll sit, enjoy a coffee or tea, and “sewcialise”!

We also have Sit & Sew evenings fortnightly on Thursdays. These start at 5pm and give everyone a chance to catch up if they aren’t able to make a Saturday or just want some sewing time with friends. While these are still part of the MQG meetings, they will be very informal, and open to friends as well. Again, we have not settled on a dues structure, so it is an open group for now!

Now, onto the venue! We scoured everything: church halls, scout halls, people’s garages, art galleries, and unfortunately, people love to charge. The cheapest place was $11 an hour and it was in Asquith. (“Where?” I hear all you southern Sydneysiders asking!) So we found the next best thing: a big restaurant! We will be meeting at City Extra in Circular Quay for ALL of our meetings. It’s free to book big groups and the staff is lovely. As a courtesy, Sydney MQG asks that you buy something – even just a coffee is fine – since the restaurant is providing not only the whole of upstairs but also access to the beautiful Harbour view!


  • Saturday 18 August, 10am – Meeting
  • Friday* 31 August, 5pm – Sit & Sew *this is a once-only Friday and will be Thursdays from here onward
  • Thursday 13 September, 5pm – Sit & Sew
  • Saturday 15 September, 10am  – Meeting
  • Thursday 27 September, 5pm – Sit & Sew
  • Thursday 11 October, 5pm – Sit & Sew
  • Saturday 20 October,10am – Meeting
  • Thursday 25 October, 5pm – Sit & Sew
  • Thursday 8 November, 5pm – Sit & Sew
  • Saturday 17 November, 10am – Meeting
  • Thursday 22 November, 5pm – Sit & Sew
  • Thursday 6 December, 5pm – Sit & Sew (final meet-up for 2012!)

The table is booked for 15 people (based on the average from the last couple of meetings) so if you want to turn up, please either leave a comment below or email me (penny dot poppleton at gmail dot com). Also, we are seated upstairs, so if you have accessibility issues, let me know IMMEDIATELY so I can ring and change the booking. We don’t want to leave anyone out! I’m pretty quick with email so feel free to shoot me a question and I’ll try to get it by the end of the day.

I think that about covers it – we’ll have a print-out of the dates for you at the meeting, and we’ll talk over some group goals, including things like registering for not-for-profit status, philanthropy, and community as Modern Quilters. 

Are you into social media? For more up-to-date news, be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!! We’ll be working hard to keep those up to date for you too!

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “Meeting Dates 2012

  1. It's wonderful to hear of your plans! Having helped started up a MQG chapter myself, I know how much effort all of you have put into getting this going. I wish I was in Sydney (again), so I could join you! Every good wish for great turnouts and participation so you can become a solid, established group.


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