The Modern Quilt Guild

There are more than 70 chapters of the Modern Quilt Guild around the world, and we think its time that Sydney had a chapter! 

What is “Modern Quilting”?

Well, we think that answer is slightly different for everyone.  But generally things like this:

·         Improvisational piecing

·         On trend colours and fabrics

·         Involvement in the online quilting community. 

·         Solids! (Who doesn’t love them?)

·         Feet planted in tradition, but taking advantage of the new cleaner, simpler trends, designs, techniques

Hop over to the general Modern Quilt Guild for a look at their “About Us” for a comprehensive list, plus there are also some really fabulous examples on their website.  You can have a look at the winners of their recent challenge here.
What are we aiming for here?
We want to create a group in Sydney that offers a way to explore the more non-traditional aspects of your quilt making. (you don’t need to be ONLY a modern quilter!)
We want an in person guild, that meets on a regular basis.
We want challenges, swaps, Bees, classes and sit and sews.
We want to include as many people as possible, whether they belong to any other guild, or not.
We want beginners, professionals and everyone in between to be welcome.
We want to have lots of fun and enjoy being part of this florishing community!

What next?

Well, we’d really like it if you jump over to our “call for interest” form and give us some basic details about yourself so that we can keep in touch with you (we won’t share this information with anyone without asking).  We’d also love it if you would “follow” us so that you can stay up to date.  Finally, tell people! 🙂  if you blog, blog about us, and link back here, if you Tweet, tweet about us and share the link, if you’re on facebook, post about us and link.

After we’ve had the call for interest running for a little while, we will organise our first meeting where you can all help us decide where to go from here.

7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I'm here in the US, so I won't be able to join you, but I wanted you to know you have our wholehearted support. We've recently organized a MQG chapter in Des Moines, Iowa. Our fourth meeting (we meet monthly) is this week, and it's been great . We're getting 14-16 people at each meeting, and enjoying getting acquainted. Thursday night is our pot holder swap; next month is a show and tell of our “Habitat” fabric challenge. It's all good, fun quilt-y stuff. We wish you much success.


  2. Hooray! I have been following bloggers in the US who are MQG members and have been jealous. I was hoping we would get one in Sydney and I was even considering starting one!



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